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Big picture thinking

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Task-Force Bootcamp is a good place to grow as a developer. This week we created the projects to be demonstrated to the client. There are a lot of ways to develop a project, everyone can come up with his own method and work. Today I want to speak a little bit about how we can develop big picture thinking in our daily activities.

In a team of two, I and my mate were assigned the WordPress project and our main goal was to add the functionality of having different logos on different pages.

For those who don’t know what WordPress is, WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) written in PHP and paired with a MySQL or MariaDB database.

WordPress with the help of its themes, templates, and plugins is Simple and easy to use. By using a plugin we were able to achieve our main goal. However, its performance, maintenance, and ease of use were not good as they could have been if we had built that functionality for our own.

After demonstrating what we built, we received feedback from the client and his IT expert who specialized in WordPress website development. An IT expert focused not only on the working principle but the performance and other technical drawbacks.

From the feedback of that expert, I acquired a lot of technical skills and thinking. I looked back and remembered to use the big picture thinking before starting to develop any project.

You might wonder what big picture thinking is! Big picture thinking is the ability to understand abstract concepts, ideas, and possibilities.

By understanding what we need to achieve we should name many different ways to achieve that and we identify the advantages, disadvantages, or drawbacks of each and decide which to use according to the tangible facts.

Thank you for reading!

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