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Why Every Growing Company Needs a Dedicated Developer

Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of supporting numerous startups across different continents. One recurring theme I've noticed is that many of these companies opt for freelance developers instead of maintaining an in-house development team. While this approach can seem convenient, it often leads to complications.

People are inherently diverse in their thinking and problem-solving approaches. If you were to present the same problem to ten different programmers, you'd likely receive ten slightly different solutions. This diversity, while valuable in many contexts, can pose challenges when hiring multiple freelancers to work on the same project. Without a unified vision and consistent coding standards, projects can quickly become convoluted and difficult to manage.

I vividly remember one instance where I was brought in to salvage a project that had been started by a previous freelancer but left unfinished for various reasons. Upon opening the project in my IDE, I was met with a daunting sight. The codebase resembled a tangled mess, making it hard to decipher and work with effectively. Despite the temptation to decline the project outright, I persevered, determined to bring order to the chaos.

As I delved deeper into the code, it became apparent that the previous developer had employed their own unique coding practices and methodologies. While these may have suited their individual preferences, they created a disjointed and inefficient codebase. This experience served as a stark reminder of the importance of consistency and coherence in software development.

Moreover, relying solely on freelancers for development needs deprives companies of the benefits that come with having a dedicated developer. A dedicated developer brings continuity to the development process, ensuring a cohesive vision and approach from start to finish. They are deeply invested in the project's success and can offer valuable insights and suggestions for improvement along the way.

Additionally, having a dedicated developer fosters accountability and responsibility. With a single point of contact for all development-related matters, communication is streamlined, and issues can be addressed promptly. This minimizes misunderstandings and delays, ensuring smoother progress throughout the project lifecycle.

Furthermore, a dedicated developer can adapt and evolve alongside the company's needs. As project requirements change and evolve, they can seamlessly integrate new features and functionalities, keeping the software relevant and competitive. Their intimate understanding of the project and the company's objectives makes them indispensable assets in driving success.

In conclusion, while hiring freelancers may offer short-term cost savings, the long-term benefits of having a dedicated developer are undeniable. They bring consistency, accountability, and expertise to the development process, ultimately contributing to the success and growth of the company. Every growing company should prioritize investing in a dedicated developer to ensure the efficient and effective development of their software projects.

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