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A personal realization by an IT personal for importance of exercise

nitss007 profile image Nitish Sharma ・2 min read

As I step up in the corporate ladder, I started getting more roles and responsibilities. More responsibilities in my job means I have to perform many tasks and manage multiple things. With this I come to realize importance of exercise in our lives.

Normally, It was set 7-8 hours me doing my job on my desk and then leave for home. This continuous working bounds me in a chair with adjusting myself in various postures. Mostly, its the neck that gives me trouble for longer times because of neck down at the screen.

In the recent times, Covid-19 pandemic caused most IT workforce to work from home. At first, it looks good that you have to work from home but in actual your work hours increased. I personally working for 12 hours of my day time in my job.
With troubling economy, you will do it because you never know when your company says goodbye to you.

This kind of work schedule causes various kind of problems like obesity, high blood pressure, high blood sugar and excess body fat etc. A study suggests that people who sat for more than 8 hours a day with no physical activities hurts your body in a really bad way.

These problems are not to be taken lightly. As the risks of dying is similar here like by dying from obesity and dying from smoking. This also creates risks in cardio-vascular diseases which again is a serious problem.

To overcome such schedule, there is no way but to create a positive work routine which maintains your health and as well as your productivity. There are some points which can be included in work schedule such as :-

1.  Start taking break after 1-2 hours
2.  Must attend calls or conversation with standing not sitting.
3.  Try working standing also with proper height work-station.
4.  Do Stretches in between especially for back.
5.  Must do walks in breaks
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I personally use these hacks in my life to improve my health at my work.
If you intend to learn more such health hacks for healthy lifestyle, kindly
check out FIT GANGS a healthy lifestyle blog.

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Julia Nash

Great tips! #4 is huge and for hamstrings - I've noticed my hamstrings get tight oddly enough too from sitting. #5 is great too for reflection of work while working.