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Things an Intern Should Keep In Mind - Tips for Interns


Student Starting Internship should be well aware of Technology in which He/She is Working.Awareness brings Clarity to work


Skills are most important for which he/she gains after an Internship. Skills are Money in Treasure which we use for Getting Job Done. Skills need to utilize at the Right Time and Right Place.

Be punctual

Arrive on time, meet deadlines, and never be in a hurry to leave the office early. Punctuality will speak for your sincerity. Treat your short-term project as a fulltime job to build rapport.

Take initiative

Seek more work. Approach your manager and tell him about the areas you want to work in. Pitch new ideas even without being asked and offer to help where you see a problem. Initiatives from interns are seen as a sign of confidence and eagerness.

  • Interns should not get confused about there Interest in Technologies whether He/She wants to become Web Developer, Web Designer, Android Developer, iOS Developer, System Administrator.

  • Interns should Read Out Articles Regarding specific Technology which helps them to Develop their Interest in the specific Area.

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