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Why health is important for developers!

nitinreddy3 profile image Nitin Reddy ・1 min read

Physical activity on a daily basis keeps you fit and healthy. There's a feel-good factor that comes with exercise and following the daily routine of going to the GYM.

I used to be a guy who used to sit on a chair for a longer duration of time, with no physical activity. Believe me, you will feel good for some time but afterward, when you gain a hefty amount of weight due to no-physical-activity, you screw up your health.

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So last year, I decided to change my daily habits, I used to weight around 230 lbs, and it was not easy I must admit that. When you have a habit of bing eating, you tend to have a lot of craving for food, and an "Emotional bing eater" with no control over the eating habits.

I started walking for around 10000 steps on a daily basis with control over my eating habits. I gradually reduced table sugar intake and switched to healthy foods like green veggies and fruits and after hard work and perseverance, my weight came down to 202 lbs in three months.

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Occasionally I used to opt for a cheat meal which is fine, but I made sure that I note down my daily calorie intake. I used the Healthifyme App which was of great help and still using.

A good health should be a lifestyle, not a goal because health is wealth !!

Happy learning and stay healthy !!

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joseluisrnp profile image
José Luis Recio

That's totally true, It's difficult begin to do sport when you've been a long time with no activity, but then when you are into this rutine you're start to feel great with it, you're less tired....

If in your job you are all day in a chair, I think is very important to do sport and we forget it often. Thanks for reminder us!

nitinreddy3 profile image
Nitin Reddy Author

Yep, for me, it's a lesson learned from past experiences.

javiermendonca profile image
Javier Mendonça

One thing I can recommend is to find a standing desk and stand 50% of your working time.

Also I started (mild) exercising every single day. It can be as much as 20 min. I think consistency is key for long-term health.

The thing here is not to try to change to many things at the same time. Adopting new behaviors takes time, and it's better to take one thing at the time.

frankely profile image
Frankely Diaz

Thank you for sharing this Nitin, I have been on and off about exercising before until two years ago when I decided to put working out, exercise and nutrition as an essential part of my life which allowed me to improve in my day to day work. Hard training can help you get over obstacles (problems), which translates pretty good when you are a software developer who is facing new challenges.

nitinreddy3 profile image
Nitin Reddy Author

Yep, nutrition and physical activity are key to long-term health benefits.

christopherkade profile image
Christopher Kade

I'm glad you wrote about dev health !

To cover the other side of it I wrote an article a while back about posture, equipment etc.

nitinreddy3 profile image
Nitin Reddy Author

Your article is a good one, a good explanation of dev health.

grenmath profile image
Mathieu Grenier

Since 7 years, i do sports and triathlons, im a better person. When you exercice, the brain feel alot better ;)
Good job!

jankapunkt profile image
Jan Küster

I read health, I vote up <3