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Utilize the open-sourced REST Client!

nitinreddy3 profile image Nitin Reddy ・1 min read

Everyone developer comes across a situation where he or she has to deal with REST Apis, they usually test the APIs using Postman which gives a handful of features like creating a Collections and sharing the collections across the teams. But some of the features are underpaid versions of Postman.

If you are a big fan of open-source REST clients and are looking for an alternative of POSTMAN then this is for you.

Alt Text

If you can do everything through the VS Code itself. You just have to install Huachao Restclient through the extensions tab and start using it.

Quite simple isn't it!

1. Create a file with .http extension

2. Add a "GET" Rest API endpoint

## Fetch all the users
Send Request

3. Click on "Send Request" and boom you get the response view opened at the right side of the same REST API endpoint.

I became a big fan of this VS Code extension and loving it. You should also give it a try!

Happy learning!!

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