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Takeaways from ReactFoo+VueDay Pune

nitinreddy3 profile image Nitin Reddy ・1 min read

After a long time, I had attended a tech conference. So this time it was ReactFoo+VueDay, a tech conference on React and Vuejs.

I would like to discuss my takeaways from today's conference:-

  • Migration of codebase from one framework to another. Pros and cons which you have to deal with when you are migrating the codebase.

  • Redux store - How to deal with data when using Redux as a state management tool

  • Declarative and Imperative style of programming in React

  • A brief introduction to Reactive programming as a React/Vue developer

  • How to use React's context APIs with the latest hooks APIs

  • Using TypeScript and Hooks in a greenfield react projects plus a unit and integration testing mechanism in place.

  • Persisting data across systems with the help of react-persist

Special thanks to Aziz Khambati for the talk on reactive programming and other speakers, and the hasGeek for organizing the ReactFoo+VueDay.

Thanks for reading, Happy learning :)

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