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Nitin Reddy
Nitin Reddy

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Learning Python #1 - The beginning...

Learn and grow with Python

Ever wondered what happens when you have extensive amount of experience in JavaScript and you trying to learn Python as a hobby programming language.

  • You do the mistakes and learn from them
  • You learn the data types and basic constructs
  • You get your hands dirty with the new programming language
  • Write a hello world app


Never think that Python will bite you. Grace it and embrace it.

I am starting a new series on Python so that I can learn few interesting topics like AI/ML, Data Science as a noob. It will be a long journey but a challenging one.


Coming up next will be blog post on Python basics like

  • Operators
  • Data types
  • Variable creation
  • Python Syntax - Why is it necessary?

Let's learn and grow ourselves.
Thanks everyone in advance for reading this article !!

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