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Fun in upgrading the machine

nitinreddy3 profile image Nitin Reddy ・1 min read

As a user with a fair amount of knowledge of computers, I would love to explore the new machine’s systems and how they work. As recently bought a new laptop ASUS Vivobook 15, a thinnest laptop I have ever bought, I thought I should do an upgrade of my machine.

This laptop comes with default 8GB of RAM (DDR4) and 1TB HDD with an option to upgrade the RAM up to 16GB and storage up to 250GB of SSD with M.2 SATA.

I found that to upgrade the machine I have to carefully open up the components like wifi card, speaker connectors, and a whole lot of stuff like Keyboard connections which is a really delicate task to perform.

Alt Text

Steps to find the motherboard where the new RAM and SSD have to be attached ( Differs from machine to machine)

  • Open up the screws at the bottom of the laptop
  • Use a thin card to open up the lid
  • The keyboard section will come up and disconnect the connectors of keyboard and touchpad
  • Unscrew the wifi card, battery, speakers and the HDD which will allow you to lift the motherboard section
  • Unscrew the motherboard section
  • Lift the motherboard to find the slots for RAM and SSD up-gradation
  • Put the RAM and SSD in the slots and you are done and dusted

Follow the same process while putting things back and you are good to go.
Verify and check the BIOS to see if the up-gradation works fine or not.

Happy learning !!!

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