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Publish your static website for free

Many IT folks ask me I've made my project in Web Dev as beginner but I want to showcase it to my client/people for free. Where should I upload & publish them? My simple answer is Google Drive. I'll write another article about how to upload static sites in Google Drive. So, one of the professional method is using Github & Netlify. Netlify is a github authorised application to run static web pages. You can use it just by authorizing the repos access to it. In this article, I'll let you know from basics to full uploading and getting the link. So, let's get started.

Steps to consider:

  1. Create Account
  2. Create Repo
  3. Push/Upload contents in repo
  4. Sign Up/Login in Netlify using Github
  5. Connect your target repo
  6. Publish it

NOTE : Ignore following warning in some screenshots.



Descriptive steps

Step 1: Create Account in Github.
P.S.- If already have an account, Login to your account.


Step 2: After logging in, Click on 'Create/New Repository' from Home

Create/New Repo

Step 3: Put the necessary details in the space provided for repo name & description. You can add README file or License from this tab too.

Repo desc

Step 4: Upload the files for your project(if already created) or create files as required.

Upload files

Step 5: Signup/Login to Netlify using GitHub only for proper connection with repos.


Step 6: Chose the repo which you want to publish/make live.

Select repo

Step 7: Click on 'Deploy Site' button to publish it publically. A web link will be generated trailing with

Deploy site

Step 8: You may customize the site name from Site Settings >> General >> Change site name

Customize site

Step 9: You may put the link in GitHub repo under description too.

Test link

A detailed video is uploaded below for your reference.

Thanks for reading, Keep reading, Keep supporting.!!
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