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SQL is a language used to communicate with databases it stands for Structured Query Language and is used by database administrators and developers alike to write queries that are used to interact with the database. Here is a quick cheat sheet of some of the most essential SQL commands:

SELECT - Retrieves data from a database

UPDATE - Updates existing data in a database

DELETE - Removes data from a database

INSERT - Adds data to a database

CREATE - Creates an object such as a database or table

ALTER - Modifies an existing object in a database

DROP -Deletes an entire table or database

ORDER BY - Sorts the selected data in an ascending or descending order

WHERE – Condition used to filter a specific set of records from the database

GROUP BY - Groups a set of data by a common parameter

HAVING - Allows the use of aggregate functions within the query

JOIN - Joins two or more tables together to retrieve data

INDEX - Creates an index on a table, to speed up search times.

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