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Learning Management System

nishchayjain profile image Nishchay Jain ・1 min read

Hello everyone!! So, I would like to talk about the project which I developed over a period of 20-25 days. It's a complete Learning Management System which is on par with leading educational platforms. It includes all features required for an efficient Learning Management System.

It provides separate login system for Faculties and Students. Student's dashboard allows him/her to see the analytics on the current course progress in various graphical representations. It can track the progress and efficiency of student on various factors as soon as he/she progresses in the course.

On the other hand, we have faculty logins, who can create a new course through their dashboard, host it on the platform, and easily create new tests, quizzes, lessons with just few clicks.

It is also having the capability of generating automated certificates, once a student completes the course and passes all assessments.


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