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How do you backup your data

Imagine you are done with your coding for today and discover tomorrow that your PC has stopped working.

This exact thing happened to me a few days back and luckily I was able to recover most of the important things as

  • I always push the code before turning off the PC.
  • My photos, videos are always in sync with the iCloud.
  • I upload my sublime snippets frequently to my GitHub account.
  • My Firefox bookmarks, history, addons are always in sync.

I didn't really feel the I lost my data when I switched to my new PC.

How do you guys backup your data? Or you don't (Just think if the same thing happened with you :P)

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Tom Anderson

All my code is mirrored on GitHub. My photos are stored on Google Photos, and I use Google Docs for any documents and as a result, everything is stored on Google Drive. I'm signed in on Chromium, so any bookmarks and passwords all go across.

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Nishant Mittal


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Louis Low

I use a small NAS device set up on my desk connecting to the LAN. Sharing to all the necessary devices, such as TV, laptop, and smartphones.