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A free Open-source Portfolio template for web developers

nisarhassan12 profile image Nisar Hassan Naqvi ・1 min read

A beautiful lightweight, customizable, accessible and performant single-page personal portfolio website for anyone to use as their own or customize the way they like.

Github Repo Link →
Check out the live demo here →


The template is built using HTML, SCSS, vanilla JavaScript, and it doesn't use any CSS or JavaScript libraries or have any framework dependencies. Everyone is welcome to contribute or use it as a template for their portfolio.

The menu & the buttons are almost identical to the ones from Natours Project of Jonas Schmedtmann Advanced CSS & SASS course. Many Thanks to him for such a great course.

The template is licensed under MIT License.

Details for contributing & customizing the template can be found here.

Contributions are warmly welcomed 🥰.

if you're a beginner or have no idea about how to contribute to Open Source then you can reach out to me on Twitter I would love to help & maybe do some pair programming with you to get you started.

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Let me start by saying that this is a beautiful template. However, the pure idea of using a template for your portfolio as a web developer is a little strange and frankly would be considered a negative impression if I looked into hiring someone. (At least for front end jobs)


That’s true but everybody has to start somewhere. A template is a good starting point to get a quick but professional looking web site whilst you spend more time building your own.


Sure, or alternatively, actively contribute to the repo and therefore show up as a collaborator.