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Mohd Nisab Alam.
Mohd Nisab Alam.

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Check out my Medium Clone on GitHub

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share with you a project I've been working on recently - a Medium clone! If you're not familiar with Medium, it's a popular platform for writers and bloggers to share their content with a wider audience.

I created a clone of Medium using React, Node.js, and MongoDB. The clone includes many of the same features as Medium, such as creating and publishing articles, following other users, and leaving comments on articles.

I'm really proud of how the clone turned out, and I've made the code available on my GitHub profile. You can check it out here:

Feel free to fork the repository and use it for your own projects. And if you have any feedback or suggestions for improvement, I'd love to hear them!

Thanks for taking the time to check out my Medium clone. I hope you find it useful!

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