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I didn’t know about the second one, but I definitely should try it.

Speaking of flexbox, I just found out today that you can use place-items: center; in place of align-items: center; justify-content: center;.


Cool! That's new to me. Doesn't seem to be widely supported yet, unfortunately.


I’ve always used the first option but only because I didn’t know the second was possible 😂

Gonna give that one a go when I get a chance!


Oh yes, the space-arounds are all very useful, especially for nav-bars. I think the first way is more readable since "center" is clearer than "space-around", but I'm writing the second one by default, since it's shorter and in my thinking, I try to solve for horizontal spacing first.


I've always used the second one. It never even crossed my mind to use flex-direction for that.

I'm always happy to learn a new way to solve a problem. Thanks for bringing this up!

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