Thoughts on doing side-projects while short on time

Antonio Radovcic on October 24, 2018

As my personal free time shrinks to a minimum, I'm thinking about how I can keep doing some fun projects and learning on the side. Currently I can ... [Read Full]
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My suggestion: Raspberry Pi home automation projects.


But yes the Raspi is awesome, I made a little retro-console with RetroPi and an Xbox-Controller out of it.

What would be an example for a home-automation-project? My home is pretty low-tech.


HVAC controlling, door sensors, appliance control, security cameras, water consumption, grocery inventory, etc.


I have limited time as well to work on side projects. I often find myself daydreaming about blog posts I should write or pull requests (or hell, whole products) that I need to finish. I've definitely found that having an immediate application helps with the learning. Thanks for the insight!


I have the exact same issue too. Too little time, too many "next best thing" ideas!

I decided to try and get back to blogging but this time around rather than writing huge posts I keep it very simple and write very short posts. Some of these could be considered "tweet" sized. It's mostly as a sort of 'bookmark for myself' kind of thing.

As time is short at home, I tend to write my posts over lunch at work during the week. I'm hoping to expand on this and find time to write a little app over the next few months.


As David stated, Raspberry Pi is an awesome experience. I dont code for work at the moment but kept up with the times by way of RPi. For example, im a big beliver in microservices a single board computer aligns with my belief system. Plus you get quick wins with a RPi.

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