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I had a three-day-long Angular & TypeScript-Workshop at work.

I understand better the appeal of having your Framework define lots of things like Routing and Ajax for you. I can see how its restrictive nature is a good fit for larger teams with diverse seniorities. Also the first-class IDE-support you get with TS is something I envied Java-Devs for. I guess that's why it is so huge in the enterprisey sector.

Half of the attendees were Java/Backend-Developers. They were amazed and surprised about how close all of that is to working with things like Spring (I have no idea if that is actually true).

For my personal taste it's still too object-oriented and verbose. Plus I'm a fan of server-rendering most things. But, you know, as Front-End-Dev in 2019 it can't hurt to know it. Plus TS and RxJS are impressive and I'll definitely use them in near future.


In the right enviroment yes. At my work, projects & company I don't think I could justify a dedicated node-server only for the front-end, in addition to the Java-Server(s). Also I haven't worked on SPAs yet.

I could imagine it's a great fit if your app consumes services from all over the place. Then you need a front-end-server anyways.

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