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On the website and on the CV I couldn't find your country anywhere. If you're applying in only one country this doesn't matter so much, though. I'd always keep the phone-number in the standard-format with country-prefix, like "+49 151 555 555".

You mention "intersection between technology and art", yet there's nothing else on the CV to confirm that, or to pick that up. The mentioned projects are tech-only.

I think the headline "PROFILE" is redundant. The whole column is the profile.

It would help the layout to keep the headline-sizes consistent and maybe left-align everything. This could increase readability.

You're giving away lots of room with the darker backdrop-thingie (between background and foreground). Try to ditch that and increase the main space instead. Use the space to add paragraphs to the longish project-descriptions.

The Gatsby-Art-Noveau-Style looks ok, but you have such a unique design going on on Slothcrew.com, especially after "change style". The diagonal look and overall vibrance would definitely stick out more.

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