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Not sure if unpopular but:

The term "Impostor Syndrome" is way too overused.

What people usually feel is not I.S., but they are simply realizing how little they know.
Which is totally fine and also important.
You can be a non-master in a field and still get paid to do it.
It doesn't mean your boss/followers/mom/dad thinks you're much better than you actually are.

I just hope folks don't take I.S. as excuse to think they are good at something while they're not.


Not sure, maybe the post simply has too many replies. Or maybe it‘s not an unpopular opinion, therefore it‘s not a good reply 😬


I agree in some level with this sentiment. I can't speak for others, but for myself I often struggle with recognizing whether I'm suffering from Impostor Syndrome or if I'm just recognizing how little I actually know about something the more I learn about it. The more I learn, the more I realize how little I actually know and how much more there is to learn. I suppose this is the Denning-Kruger effect in action!


A person thinking they have impostor syndrome to feel good about themselves by definition can't have impostor syndrome 😅

It is a debilitating trench from which the climb out is very difficult. All the people I know that I consider to truly have impostor syndrome are excellent at what they do and what they understand, their brains are just not able to accept their victories.

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