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I like Go.

I'm not using it professionally, though (only using JS at work).

When I started learning it I made a favicon-to-ascii-converter and a service for getting Spotify-Auth-Tokens for a React-App. Both went pretty smoothly and I sticked to it. My latest project is a 2D-game I'm doing with SDL2.

The Pros I see for myself:

  • I usually code in a procedural and compression-oriented style, so I think it fits my boring way of thinking.
  • No exceptions
  • I don't have to think about formatting at all
  • There's bindings for lots of stuff (QT, SDL2..)
  • Quick build-time, at least for my small projects.
  • VSCode and Goland/IntelliJ are great tools
  • Easy to get productive with

The cons:

  • Too strict sometimes. "Use that variable or I won't build". (The great thing about C in contrast is, no matter how dangerous or uncommon something is, you can always "do the thing")
  • Slices are somewhat uncommon IMHO and I'm not sure I understood them completely yet.

Check out Michael Fogleman for lots of great Go-code

Also a great learning resource: (Full Web-App with Go)
And what I'm currently doing: (Writing a basic interpreter in Go)


Thanks for sharing the materials and the great write-up

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