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Oh yes, I spent lots of money on learning-material.

Most of that for video-courses.

On Udemy I got some real gems, and some mediocre material, too.
I don't trust their reviews and ratings at all, since they already prompt a rating after the first few lessons, where it's usually impossible to judge a course.

My best courses on Udemy were the JavaScript-courses by Anthony Alicea:
Really in-deep but beginner-friendly explanations, took my JS-skills to the next level.

I also got an iOS-Devslopes-Course, which I can recommend to anyone interested in iOS/Swift:
(Maybe get the latest version, though)

Tip: Never pay more than 20$ on Udemy, they do discounts all the time. And if not, there's usually some googleable voucher-codes on the web.

I also like to mention Wes Bos' courses on JS & CSS:
I worked through all paid ones and it's some of the best learning-material I spent money on.

Though I have to say, while not paid, the Udacity-courses are all high-quality, top-notch and better than most paid courses (especially the Android-Dev-Series).

Right now I'm considering purchasing the Go-Web-Dev Video/Ebook-Course by Jon Calhoun, since it seems pretty thorough.

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