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[Azure Trial Hackathon - SonarQube community branch plugin on AKS]

Overview of My Submission

My project is for the Developers who need to deploy the SonarQube which is the code quality tool on the Kubernetes cluster. This tool is useful for the software company to analyze the code before deploying the code on a production/staging environment. It would be helpful for Devs who need to set up like me :)

Submission Category: Computing Captains

My Github Repository:

GitHub logo ninefyi / azuretrialhack-2022

My project is for The Microsoft Azure Trial Hackathon on


  1. az login
  2. az account set -s "[Subscription name]"
  3. az group create --name rg-aks-trial --location eastasia
  4. az network public-ip create -g rg-aks-trial -n pip-aks-trial --dns-name aks-trial --allocation-method Static --sku Standard
  5. az aks create --resource-group rg-aks-trial --name aks-trial --node-count 3 --node-vm-size Standard_B2s
  6. az aks install-cli
  7. az aks get-credentials --name aks-trial -g rg-aks-trial --admin
  8. az aks show -g rg-aks-trial -n aks-trial --query "identity.principalId" -o tsv
  9. az account show --query "id" -o tsv
  10. az role assignment create --assignee "answer_no_8" --role "Network Contributor" --scope subscriptions/answer_no_9/resourceGroups/rg-aks-trial
  11. az network public-ip list -g rg-aks-trial -o tsv --query "[].ipAddress"
  12. kubectl config use-context aks-trial-admin
  13. kubectl create namespace my-sonarqube
  14. kubectl apply -f ./aks/postgres
  15. kubectl apply -f ./aks/sonarqube
  16. kubectl label namespace my-sonarqube
  17. helm repo add ingress-nginx
  18. helm repo add jetstack
  19. helm repo update
  20. helm install nginx-ingress ingress-nginx/ingress-nginx \ --version 4.0.13 \ --namespace my-sonarqube \…

Software deployment on AKS

  • Website: SonarQube Community Editon
  • Database: Postgres
  • SSL: Letsencrypt

Azure resources

  • Azure Kubernetes Services
  • Azure Public IP Address





DEV usernames: ninefyi

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