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day 87

Quite an unusual title to a post? well, thanks to what's happening around the globe at the moment. Schools, Offices are closed and it's been 2 weeks since I am working from home. Luckily, we are still allowed to go out but maintain the physical distance so that means there are no small talks with strangers or "hi/hello's" as well.

Since I have started this WFH thing, I have lost the track of which day of the week it is? or what is today's date? I am no longer happy about Friday's or sad about Monday's since it's so damn difficult to remember... hence day 87!

Due to this COVID-19 situation, life has changed on many fronts, some good things first

  • like my hands were never clean this before
  • I used nail cutter to cut my hand fingernail, well I am a developer and while thinking about code nail bitting happens (i tried for many years to get rid of this but looks like I will succeed this time)
  • I get to play with my son during the day, take him for a walk or just random chat
  • Finally ordered monitor for my Laptop and table and chair and keyboard... after deliberately delaying it for 3 years, I will be having proper setup at home.

Now the bad things,

  • There is no difference b/w home & office, I loved to WFH initially but the fun vanished within a week, now I want to go back to the office
  • working on 15.6" laptop screen from two 24" monitors, is really really painful and slow
  • let's just say, Webex has a lot of scope for improvement :(
  • Missing "Happy Friday, Boring Monday's"!
  • Probably in a month I will gain weight .. from 16km daily cycling to 0, plus no movement at all

Well, I hope this coronavirus thing settles soon ... now, moving on with life, to, day 88...

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