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Nimo Mohamed
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Harvest Hex: Cultivate Fun!

Purpose of the Project

The purpose of Harvest Hex is to provide a simple and enjoyable 2D runner game experience using the Pygame library. The game offers players the opportunity to navigate a pixelated world set in a forest, controlling a character through obstacles. The design emphasizes retro-style graphics, straightforward gameplay, and a stress-free environment with the option to restart the game upon losing.

Project Timeline

As a sole developer, I took on the roles of designing, coding, and testing the game. The timeline for the project spanned 01/12/2023 to 18/01/2024, with various stages of development and testing.

Target Audience

Harvest Hex was created for individuals who appreciate retro-style 2D games, enjoy pixelated characters, and seek a relaxing gaming experience. The game is accessible to both gaming enthusiasts and newcomers, aiming to provide a straightforward and enjoyable gameplay session for all.

Personal Focus

As a novice in game development, my personal focus during the creation of Harvest Hex was to explore the fundamentals of game design, programming, and the Pygame module. This project served as a learning opportunity to gain hands-on experience in developing a simple yet engaging game. The goal was to create an accessible and enjoyable gaming experience while honing my skills as a game developer.

Diagrammatic Representation of Harvest Hex Architecture

Harvest Hex Intro Screen

Technologies Used

Harvest Hex has been developed using Pygame, a Python module tailored for game development. Pygame provides tools for graphics, sounds and player input, allowing for the easy integration of pixelated characters and backgrounds, contributing to the game’s retro charm.


  • Endless runner gameplay with obstacles and challenges.
  • Pixel art style for a visually engaging experience.
  • Simple controls for an easy and enjoyable gaming experience.
  • Score tracking to encourage competition and improvement.

Challenges Faced

Initially, the aim was to offer users a hassle-free gaming experience with a standalone executable – a one-stop solution for downloading and playing independently. However, as the development progressed, I re-evaluated this goal to enhance the overall user experience. The current implementation necessitates bundling the executable file with the rest of the game assets. While it deviates from the initial plan, this decision prioritizes seamless playability and accessibility.

In practical terms, this means that to enjoy Harvest Hex, users need to have all the necessary files in one place. While it might differ from the convenience of a standalone executable, it ensures that the game operates smoothly and is readily accessible when all the required components are present. This adjustment allowed for the prioritization of user satisfaction, providing a game that is not only enjoyable but also easy to access and play without complications.

Key Findings

Engaging in game development has been an illuminating journey, unveiling a realm of intricacies within the technical landscape of this craft. The project delved into captivating aspects such as animations, frame rates, and collision detection, unraveling the underlying complexities that contribute to the seamless and immersive gaming experience. These technical interests have not only broadened my understanding but also sparked a newfound intrigue, inspiring further exploration into the nuanced details that shape the world of game development.

About the developer

I'm Nimo Mohamed, a passionate enthusiast of all things fantasy, especially when it comes to literature. The development of Harvest Hex has proven to be an enjoyable exploration into the captivating realm of gaming.

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Michael Tharrington

Hey Nimo, this sounds like a really cool project! Do you think that you'll continue on with game development and move on to developing a new game in 2024?

nimo08 profile image
Nimo Mohamed

Hi Michael, thank you! Yes, game development is a budding interest of mine, I will endeavor to learn more and create cooler gaming projects.