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Local Hack Day - Build

I stumbled upon an event as i was wailing away my time doing, well surfing the internet. It was called "Local Hack Day". The post said that it was a week long hackathon. I was about to scroll over to the next post when I took the leap and signed up for the event. I'm four days in and boy I love it!
This is my first ever hackathon and I must tell, If this is what people call "Hackathon", then lets do this over and over again.
Let me tell you a little about the event.
"Major League Hacking's Local Hack Day is a series of simultaneous global events designed to spark a passion for technology in your local community. Spend the day getting hands-on experience and collaborating in an open and welcoming environment at a local event.* Whether you are learning to code or are an expert hacker, Local Hack Day is the perfect opportunity for you and your community."
We must also be a part of a guild in this event. The guild system enables us to work in a smaller team guided by mentors and felloe mlhers.
I'm part of the EddieHub guild and I'm proud to say that we stand #1 on the leaderboard.
I shouldn't give up a chance to boast now should I.
I'm on the leaderboard as well holding the #31st, #8th and #11th position on days 1, 2 and 3 respectively.
The challenges are the best part, both technical and non-technical, and of course "Totally Not Ryan" is a must not miss.
I'm having great fun at the event. You are not too late to sign up!!

                                                 ~ Nimisha
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