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Top Vue Datatables in 2024

In the world of web development, data tables quietly play a vital role in organizing and displaying large amounts of information for business and administrative purposes. Despite their unassuming appearance, these tools are crucial for presenting complex data in an easy-to-read format on responsive websites.

Among various JavaScript frameworks, Vue.js has become a popular choice for dedicated web developers due to its balance of simplicity and flexibility in creating interactive interfaces. This discussion aims to explore how Vue.js works seamlessly with data tables, highlighting their design and functionalities in simpler terms.

The focus here is on understanding how Top Vue Datatables transform raw data into useful insights. Each table is like a conductor orchestrating features such as sorting, pagination, filtering, and customization, creating a cohesive system for managing data effectively.

As we navigate through this discussion, each Vue data table becomes a chapter in the story of how data is represented and used. Beyond being just tools, these tables are like reliable companions in the landscape of web development. The conversation unravels the subtle details of their design, explaining how each table becomes a unique element in the world of web development.

Get ready to explore the combination of Vue.js and data representation, where the simplicity of the framework meets the intricacies of data management. These tables go beyond their basic functions, transforming into storytellers ready to reveal the stories hidden within the data landscape. Join us on this journey, where Vue data tables take center stage in the evolving tale of web development.

Bryntum Grid: Powerhouse for Enterprise Solutions

Bryntum Grid emerges as a robust solution tailored for enterprise-level applications. It provides advanced features such as paging, filtering, and inline editing, catering to the complex needs of large-scale projects.

Beyond the basics, Bryntum Grid distinguishes itself with performance-centric attributes, including drag-and-drop row reordering, locked columns, and context menus. Its integration is seamless, thanks to the inclusion of a Vue wrapper designed for effortless assimilation into
Vue-based web applications.

Key Features

Read-Only Mode and Keyboard Navigation

Bryntum Grid recognizes the need for secure data viewing. The Read-Only Mode ensures that data remains untouched during observation.

The inclusion of Keyboard Navigation facilitates swift movement through the grid using keyboard shortcuts, enhancing user efficiency.

Export Options (PDF, PNG, Excel)

Bryntum Grid empowers users to capture and share data insights effectively by providing export options in PDF, PNG, and Excel formats.

Resizable Columns and Drag-and-Drop Reordering

Users have the flexibility to customize the layout with resizable columns, adapting the display to suit their preferences.
The intuitive drag-and-drop reordering feature simplifies the arrangement of rows, contributing to a more user-friendly experience.

Grouping Rows and Headers

Complex data structures find clarity through the ability to group rows, enhancing the understanding of relationships within the dataset.

Customizable headers provide a structured and visually appealing presentation, contributing to a seamless user experience.

2 VueTable: Transforming JSON Data into Dynamic Tables

VueTables empowers businesses engaged in web application development by transforming JSON data into dynamic HTML-based tables. This transformation ensures compatibility with various CSS frameworks, offering businesses flexibility and ease of integration.

Key Features

Formatter for Personalized Data Display

VueTables introduces a formatting feature, allowing users to customize the display of field data according to specific preferences.

API Endpoint or Existing Data Array/Object Integration

The versatility of VueTables is evident in its capability to work with data from API endpoints or existing data arrays/objects, providing adaptability to different data sources.

Scoped Slots and Field Components for Advanced Customization

For advanced customization needs, VueTables offers scoped slots and field components, allowing developers to tailor the appearance and behavior of fields to meet specific requirements.

Swappable and Extensible Pagination Elements

VueTables goes a step further by providing swappable and extensible pagination elements, allowing users to choose or even create their pagination styles.

3. KendoVue Grid: A Vue-Powered Grid with Customization Options

Rebuilt from the ground up with Vue.js, charts, and forms, KendoVue Grid is a high-performing grid offering customizable features, including grid cell customization and drag-and-drop column reordering. It caters to international needs with support for global applications.

Key Features

Editing, Filtering, Grouping, Paging, Sorting, and Selection

KendoVue Grid covers a wide spectrum of functionalities, from basic editing and filtering to more advanced features like grouping, paging, sorting, and selection.

Export to Excel and PDF

Users can seamlessly export data to Excel and PDF formats, ensuring accessibility and shareability of information.

Modular Templates for Cells, Header, Detail-Row, Master-Detail, and Group Header

KendoVue Grid introduces modular templates, allowing developers to customize cells, headers, detail rows, master-detail views, and group headers to create a tailored user interface.

4. ag Grid: Simple and Decent for Diverse Java Frameworks

ag Grid, recognized for its simplicity and compatibility with various Java-based frameworks, is an ideal solution for both small and complex projects. With features like drag-and-drop rows and column grouping, ag Grid excels in handling large datasets.

Key Features

Organize Columns into Groups

Users can logically organize columns into groups, improving data structure and accessibility.

Configure Visibility of Columns in Groups

ag Grid allows the configuration of column visibility within groups, providing users with control over the displayed information.

Resize Columns with Click-and-Drag Method

Columns can be easily resized using a simple click-and-drag method, allowing users to adapt the grid to their preferred display.

Auto Size Columns to Accommodate Content

The auto-sizing feature adjusts column widths dynamically to accommodate content, ensuring optimal visibility and readability.

5. Vue Handsontable: Seamless Data Integration for Vue Developers

Vue Handsontable facilitates effortless data integration for Vue developers, offering features such as freezing, resizing rows, and powerful context menus. It streamlines data binding, sorting, and CRUD operations, enhancing efficiency and developer-friendliness.

Key Features

Formula Calculations

Vue Handsontable supports formula calculations, enabling users to perform mathematical operations within the table.

Column Filter

The inclusion of a column filter simplifies the process of finding specific data, improving data searchability.

Column Groups

Vue Handsontable introduces column groups, allowing users to organize and categorize columns for a more structured data view.


In 2024, the Vue.js ecosystem is thriving with remarkable data table solutions, each catering to diverse development needs. Whether you prioritize Material Design aesthetics, modular flexibility, high performance, or enterprise-grade features, these top Vue data tables offer a wide range of options to elevate your web applications to the next level. Choose the one that best aligns with your VueJS Development project requirements and witness seamless data management in action.

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