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Open-Source Headless CMS in 2024

In the roaring digital arena of 2024, the open-source headless CMS scene isn't just evolving; it's detonating with revolutionary fervor. These platforms aren't merely tools; they're the maverick spirits driving a relentless push against the digital status quo. Let’s dive headfirst into the anarchic world of the top 8 headless CMS platforms that are rewriting the code of digital rebellion.

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I am a software developer in a bootstrapped company UI BAKERY, which is an alternative to Retool.

Strapi: The Code Anarchist

⭐️ 58,615
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Strapi isn't just coding outside the lines – it's tearing them up. This Node.js rebel yells defiance with its RESTful and GraphQL APIs, empowering developers to not just build but to conquer. It's a declaration of independence in the CMS world, a flag planted firmly in the territory of innovation and unrestricted creativity.

Keystone 6: The GraphQL Behemoth

⭐️ 8,700
Keystone 6
Keystone 6 isn’t just stepping up the game; it’s smashing it with a sledgehammer. This GraphQL behemoth, with its Node.js roots, is tearing down walls and building empires of content that defy convention and embrace the extraordinary.

Ghost: The Underground Storyteller

⭐️ 45,000
Ghost is more than a CMS; it's a whisper in the digital night, a storyteller weaving narratives in the underground. For the bloggers and content punks, Ghost brings Markdown, mobile optimization, and a slick, streamlined approach to shaking up the content cosmos.

Directus: The Shape-Shifting Maverick

⭐️ 24,540
Directus doesn't just adapt; it transforms. This platform is a shape-shifting maverick, constantly evolving and redefining what it means to manage content. Armed with GraphQL and REST APIs, it’s a chameleon in a world of monochrome CMSs.

Decap CMS: The Static Site Outlaw

⭐️ 17,300
Decap CMS
Decap CMS rides in like an outlaw in the static website world. It’s not just a tool; it's a revolution, bringing a Git-based system and intuitive editor to the static site landscape, leaving a trail of transformed, high-octane websites in its wake.

Payload CMS: The Customization Insurgent

⭐️ 17,084
Payload CMS
Payload CMS is where rebellion meets customization. This Node.js, Express, and MongoDB titan is smashing through the barriers of conventional CMSs, offering a realm where customization isn’t just a feature; it's a battle cry for unshackled creative freedom.

Tina CMS: The Editing Renegade of React

⭐️ 10,704
Tina CMS

Tina CMS isn’t just playing with React; it’s setting it on fire. It's an editing renegade, transforming the React scene with inline editing capabilities that turn every keystroke into a radical act of digital defiance.

In 2024, these open-source headless CMS platforms aren't just part of the digital revolution; they're leading it. With each line of code, they challenge the norms, push the boundaries, and empower the rebels and dreamers. They aren't just building websites; they're crafting digital revolutions. Dive into these platforms, and join the headless CMS rebellion, where every click is a call to digital arms!

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