AngularJS communication between two components

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I'm writing an SPA using angularJS and so far I have created two distinct components for the app one called loginModal and the other one listFiles.

In the html I call them like


On init of the loginModal component, I check if there is a valid JWT token stored and if not I ask for login. If the login is successful the modal closes and the JWT token is being stored. Along with the JWT also a string defining a directory path (for that specific user) is retrieved from the server.

Now what I want to achieve after a successful login, is to somehow trigger a method inside the listFiles component to make a call to the API using the directory string taken before.

Is something like this possible? Can someone provide me with some info resources on how to do such a thing?

Also, any other idea is welcome.

Thank you.

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RxJS comes with concept of Subject.
You can look at below article for more details.
In our project we used Subject to pass value from One Component to Another.


Can this be used with AngularJS (1.x) ? Because I'm only seeing references with Angular2


I never tried AngularJS(1.x) So, not sure about practicality of above solution here.
You can have a try.