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Discussion on: Don’t comment your code

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Nikola Betica

Position Marker Comments are great for search purpose and visibility in minimap, but should be distinguishable from other comments.

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Vincent Milum Jr

100% agreed on this. In my codebases, position market comments along with specific white-space above is a requirement for every function, so that way the minimap is easier to comprehend, and its quicker to jump to code. The style guide I use is based around human cognitive load of the code, infinitely more important than how the computer will process the code.

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Nada Elokaily Author • Edited on

I agree, position markers can be of great help when describing a block of functions or even a chunk of code.
But for each function I think rewriting its name surrounded with some slashes doesn't really add any value, I mean what do you think of this, is it really helping the code..

// Actions //////////////////////////////////
def Actions:

// Decompose //////////////////////////////////
def Decompose:
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Aaron Reese

Minimode placeholders should be in ASCIi art so they can be read in minimode