How to make money with Google AdMob ads in Ionic framework 3

Nikola Brežnjak on August 16, 2017

Originally posted on my blog. In case you're looking for a way to implement Google AdMob ads in Ionic framework 1, then check out this tutorial... [Read Full]
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Thank you so much for this amazing post. I am following this post to inject ads in my ionic 3 android app. How can I initialize the interstitial ads on app load instead of calling the ad via a button ?


Thank you, I'm glad it was useful to you.

You can set autoShow to true:

        adId: admobid.interstitial,
        isTesting: true,
        autoShow: false

I already did that and it worked but thank you for replying. Please accept my sincere gratitude.


i keep getting this error "ERROR Error: Uncaught (in promise): TypeError: Object(...) is not a function", each time i try to test the app. Please help!


Which version of Ionic are you using?


Ionic 3 sir.

{ name: 'myapp',
integrations: { cordova: {} },
type: 'ionic-angular',
pro_id: 'b23db1a6',
id: 'b23db1a6' }

I'm suspecting you're using the new version of this plugin, or the plugin changed something, as I can't reproduce the error :(

Yes i am using a new version. i implemented it 2 days ago and i've been trying to debug but no success yet. Your thoughts? any solution? should i use the old version? what do you recommend? :(

I recommend trying to run the demo that's in the official docs of the plugin: github.com/floatinghotpot/cordova-... and seeing if that works. Good luck!

Thanks. i did the exact same thing and no success :(

Hi, @Nikola Breznjak, i later figured it out. The app i wanted to apply admobpro on was built with ionic 3 so i downgraded the plugin and it work perfectly. Thanks :)

Great, glad to hear you managed to solve it 👍


Does this work in with the beta react-ionic?


yes i tried Admob pro and nothing shows up. I tried admob-free as well and nothing is working.

Did you get any errors in the console?

no errors. it compiles fine. when i alert(this.admob) its empty


Hello guys,
I have implemented the admob-pro plugin as you written in the comment.
I'm using ionic 3.
When i call admob.createBanner(options) and then admob.showBanner(), the banner is shown but is black. isTesting = true;
The error is:{"isTrusted":false,"adNetwork":"AdMob","adType":"banner","adEvent":"onAdFailLoad","error":3,"reason":"No fill"}

Thank you


Hey Diyan,

Sorry for a late reply - were you able to make any progress on this?


Thanks for the post, my doubt is ..

The app id has no use?
Why do you save it?


You mean this App id:

var admobid = {
                banner: 'ca-app-pub-7957971173858308/5068937357',
                interstitial: 'ca-app-pub-7957971173858308/5667703151'



No no, sorry.

At this point:

Save the App ID somewhere and proceed to create the Ad unit.

This Id: ca-app-pub-7957971173858308~2308232012

Hmm, you're right, it does seem they're different, which is a bit weird, as it should be the same when you think about it - as it's the same id as when you click the copy button. Ah well, if it's not, then my bad :)
Thanks for pointing it out!




Hi friend. I've been cloned your project and create one banner app in admob but when i run the app in my device, motorola X play with android don't show banner.
After i runned with debug mode and i saw this error in console. See the image:

For solve the error i've done this stack

So this solve this error although the banner don't show. How can i fix this ?


Hi Marcos,

Sorry for a rather late reply. Did you find the solution in the end? This indicates that you may have not added the plugin - could this be the case?


I am using admob pro. I want to achieve that my banner ads should show inside the ion-content using x and y coordinate. When I gave it a try I got issues.
Actually I tried to get the offsetTop by putting the id attribute on div which is inside of ion-content.
But it is not placing my banner ads at specific position inside web view. On different mobile it is showing at different position.

Can you please help me in this?


how can Add in html5 cordova app


Hi Nikola, you should make the same detailed article on how to make money with globalhop.net app monetizing platform :)

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