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Here are a few of mine in no particular order and not necessarily only code related:

  • Pointers and memory allocation in C
  • Why kids are not taught financial literacy in schools
  • Sorting algorithms
  • The power of habit and compound interest
  • The importance of having a coach
  • N-dimensional arrays
  • The importance of failing
  • Linked lists
  • The importance of starting a blog
  • A* search algorithm
  • The importance of living below one's means and staying humble

The importance of starting a blog ? Please explain me


I was told, way back in the day, that it's important to start a blog and get your name out there. For a very long time, I was baffled by that statement and thought it's a waste of time (don't judge, I was young :)).

It wasn't until I started my own, for no other reason than to have my notes searchable (Evernote was not a thing back then), that I saw the huge impact it had on my career.

As I was honing my skills as a 'blogger', my general writing improved, so I was able to communicate my thoughts in a clear an concise manner. Mind you, I was learning about getting better at writing, and I was publishing posts on a 'multiple posts per week' basis.

Few years (yes, years) forward, I got such writing (and working) possibilities that I could have never even dreamed.

Therefore, get your name out there and share the knowledge freely. The effort will be rewarded in multiple ways in the long run.

Is it simple? Yes. Will it be easy? No.

Good luck!

Thanks for your explanation.

You're welcome. Hope it helps.

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