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Hot take: If you need a full-blown IDE to refactor your application it probably has grown into such a monolith you should consider splitting the logic to smaller and more focused modules.


It can happen though. I'm pretty good at not letting it and enforcing a structure and sure that limits it. That said I've jumped into a number of projects that are so much spaghetti it isn't funny.

That's about the only saying grace of typescript, which I credit more than the ide. I still prefer vs code though.


And it happens because they either were not using Webstorm, or they simply choose to ignore the recommendations in the first place.

I may have misread, but are you saying that not using Webstorm could be the reason an app has grown into a monolith full of spaghetti code?


My thought exactly.

If you have so many dependencies that you cant refactor a part of your code then maybe there is something wrong with your architecture.


Sometimes we don't have the luxury of working on our own code I guess...


Majority of my professional career has involved working with someone other's code. Hasn't affected my editor of choice, though.

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