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Discussion on: PHP needs its own ES6

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Niko Heikkilä

Problems with arrays mentioned in this post are the exact reason why I'm converting data to Laravel Collections whenever the chance comes. Collections are very pleasant to work with (method chaining for the win!) and I would love to see them integrated to the language itself. That and arrow functions, of course.

Following this train of thought, I'd fancy to be able to develop efficient, maintainable, and secure PHP apps without adding framework as a dependency but that might be too wild to dream about.

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Juha-Matti Santala Author

That's really well put. Frameworks always come with quite a lot of extra weight. Especially when it's often the best parts of multiple frameworks that you want to take and that gets messy a lot.

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Matthieu Cneude

It's possible. I was developing with a framework based on Sylex (which is now based on Symfony 4). It's very light, you don't have to couple everything and it only use the DBAL of doctrine instead of the ugly ORM. There are other lightweight PHP framework out there, too.