What's your absolute favorite snack food while coding and why does it hit the spot?

Niko πŸ‘©πŸΎβ€πŸ’» on August 14, 2017

Mine is anything that has a satisfying crunch that I can bury in authentic hummus or guacamole. I live for one-handed access to savory, salty, ... [Read Full]
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Larabars, forever.

Unfortunately, snacks never really hit the spot for me, so I always end up having lunch after a few snacking sessions. Then I try to ban myself from snacks for a while.


Ha ha, that's strong of you. I've accepting my snack addiction. But I guess constant snack fuel is ok-ish in my case, since I often forget to eat lunch even when I have one on hand.


Man, I have a problem with snacks at my desk. I had to make a very strict "no snack rule" to get rid of my extra 50lbs. I allow myself one cup of coffee in the morning, one cup of tea in the afternoon and three gum chewing sessions.

Any deviation and I just go wild.


My mind is too occupied to properly enjoy a good guacamole while coding. I find that indulgence requires a greater degree of attention to truly appreciate. :)

I like nuts. Sometimes salad. And lots of water -- with a properly closed container sitting on the floor, because hey, accidents.


Yay, for closed containers :D! I have an assortment of bodum glasses, camel baks, and Contigo tumblers or shaker bottles for protein powder on the shelf behind my desk. Now that I think about it I guess protein drinks are my 'not-remembering-to-eat-enough' / 'my-body-feels-crap' snack of choice.



[Edited to include "Why"] There's a large variety (unsalted, salted, roasted, etc). They have a long shelf/desk-life so they can be bought in bulk. You can take them anywhere. They're at every store. They're crunchy but not too loud that they disturb co-workers. Finally, they're super healthy

(I'm not a doctor but if you eat/drink anything into excess it's going to be bad. It's a snack; not a meal or a diet)


Frozen green grapes.

Each takes long enough to eat that it doesn't really cause a performance hit, and they are tasty.

Things like guac just end up leading to me eating and staring at my screen with no code happening. Thats great when watching a video or reading an article. Not so great when trying to actually code something :)


Coding late into the night/early mornings, I find myself craving something to chew. Mostly go with bread and few choices for biscuits at that time with ice tea or a sport drink. Bread because I want something that won't be too oily so I can continue to press the keyboard with little hassle.

I'm constantly looking for new snacks to try out.
Lucozade boost


Dark-chocolate covered espresso beans, in moderation. Caffeine + chocolate + a nice satisfying crunch (you know, and healthy anti-oxidants? haha)


fruit when I am at work (they offer free fruit). naughty junk food when I am at home :D


This fascinates me, does it have to be a certain temperature?


I rarely eat something while coding. But I'm going to say... chocolate cookies and Coke.


Today I'm switching things up with coconut water, peanut butter filled pretzel nuggets and chocolate covered almonds.


Don't really eat while coding. But if I do, it's probably gummy bears or something like that. Gets me in the zone. ;)

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