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Nikita Koselev
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**Bridging the Gap: Secure Coding Practices from Shruti Kulkarni's OWASP Talk**

In the dynamic landscape of cybersecurity, the gap between theory and practice can be daunting. This gap was the focus of Shruti Kulkarni's enlightening talk at the recent OWASP London event. As a seasoned Cyber Security Architect and a doctoral student, Shruti brings a unique blend of academic insight and real-world experience. Her journey through esteemed organizations like 6point6, part of Accenture, and her educational background in BioMedical Instrumentation, positions her uniquely to address the intricate challenges in secure coding.

The Developer-Security Divide:
Shruti begins by addressing the often overlooked chasm between developers and security experts. Developers, while creative and skilled in their craft, may not always prioritize security. This isn't due to a lack of concern but stems from a lack of security-centric training. Shruti's experience underscores the necessity for developers to wear a security hat alongside their coding cap.

Common Security Misconceptions in Coding:
Drawing from her rich experience, Shruti unveils common misconceptions that developers have about security. From over-reliance on tools to misconceived notions about language safety, she deftly unravels these myths. Her talk is a wake-up call – security isn't an add-on; it's a fundamental aspect of coding.

Practical Insights for Secure Coding:
What stands out in Shruti's talk is her emphasis on practical solutions. She advocates for simple yet effective practices like input data validation, using secure libraries, and understanding the intricacies of open-source software licensing. Her approach is not about over-complicating with jargon but about providing tangible, actionable measures that developers can implement.

The Role of OWASP’s Developer Guide:
In a move to empower developers, Shruti highlights the OWASP Developer Guide. This resource is not just a handbook but a compass that guides through the complexities of secure coding. It's a testament to the community-driven approach in cybersecurity, where shared knowledge becomes a powerful tool against threats.

Shruti Kulkarni's talk at OWASP London is more than just a session on security; it's a clarion call for developers to integrate security into their DNA. With her deep expertise and practical advice, she bridges the theoretical-practical divide, urging developers to become the first line of defense against cyber threats. For a deeper dive and to experience her insightful talk firsthand, check out the full session at

Additionally, it's worth noting that all OWASP London events are streamed online, providing a great opportunity for continuous learning and engagement with the cybersecurity community. You can join the OWASP London Meetup and stay updated on upcoming events at

Call to Action:
Embrace the challenge. Explore the OWASP Developer Guide, contribute, and transform your coding practices. Let's code not just with efficiency but with the shield of security – a commitment to a safer digital world. Join the conversation and community at OWASP London to stay at the forefront of cybersecurity developments.

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Michael Tharrington

Thanks so much for continually sharing these talks and you breakdowns, Nikita. Good stuff!

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Nikita Koselev

You are welcome, Michael.
I am sharing my love for the cool talks I attend (or watch online), so more people could benefit from the sum-ups.

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Patty Olvera

Good takeaways from the talk Nikita! I will watch the talk.

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Nikita Koselev

Thank you for your kind words, Patty.