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The State Of Open Conference 2024

The State Of Open Conference 2024 (SOOCon24), hosted in London, highlighted the burgeoning power of open source, embodying a commitment to inclusivity, innovation, and community within the tech world. The event showcased the UK's leadership in the open technology realm, drawing enthusiasts, businesses, and community members together in a celebration of open source principles.

Championing Accessibility and Engagement

SOOCon24 made a significant effort to ensure broad participation through affordably priced tickets, thanks to the generous backing of sponsors. This initiative reflects a deep commitment to making the event accessible, allowing a diverse group of participants to engage with the forefront of open source discussions and innovations.

Showcasing Open Source Leaders

The conference was illuminated by the presence of influential figures such as Andrew Martin, Amanda Brock, and Chi Onwurah MP, each offering profound insights into the open source movement.

  • Andrew Martin provided a compelling narrative on the crucial intersection of security and open technology, setting a forward-thinking agenda for the discussions.

  • Amanda Brock, CEO of OpenUK, extended a warm welcome to attendees, underscoring the organization's mission to champion open source innovation and leadership both within the UK and globally.

  • Chi Onwurah MP, in her "Open Innovation for the Nation" keynote, explored the symbiotic relationship between open source and public policy. She advocated for open innovation as a catalyst for democratizing technology access and fostering national development.

Fostering a Future of Open Innovation

SOOCon24 facilitated a dynamic exchange of ideas and principles, underscoring the pivotal role of open source in driving technological and societal progress. The conference's commitment to inclusivity and its initiatives to ensure widespread access set a new standard for technology events, fostering a more connected and collaborative open source community.

For more details on the conference and to delve into the range of topics discussed, visit The State Of Open Conference website.

OpenUK website.

This article is the first in the series of my articles about the conference. Please stay tuned.

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