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Love, Science, and Opensource: Arafat's journey

What an amazing mentoring session I have had today with Arafat Olayiwola.

As often, we have applied the "love -> opensource -> community" idea.

Basically, from "I want to work in X payments company" we came to "I love teaching and helping people with sciences, so I shall contribute to a company which helps people with education, in an OpenSource-way" :)

Therefore, we decided that pick up a few key companies in MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses).

We have selected a few, including the amazing "Open edX Community".

The reasoning was very simple. Open edX has a lot of fresh projects with a ton of branches and stars. Therefore, Arafat's contributions matter a lot to other people.

The next step will be writing for Arafat’s posts on LinkedIn, and Twitter, so stay tuned :)

Do you love Sciences and OpenSource as much as Arafat does?

Join him in his journey of helping the community to grow even better.

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