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Embracing Coachability: A Deeper Dive into Personal Disruption and Growth


Hello again, community! It's Nikita, back with a deeper exploration into a topic that's been captivating my thoughts lately. After listening to an insightful episode of Whitney Johnson's "Disrupt Yourself Podcast," featuring guests Scott Osman and Jacquelyn Lane, which you can listen to here, I've been pondering over the concept of being "coachable." This idea is not just intriguing but also aligns with my upcoming read, "Becoming Coachable" by Jacquelyn Lane and Marshall Goldsmith, available here.

The Coachability Revelation:

The podcast shed light on how being coachable is integral to personal disruption. It's about embracing change and using it as a catalyst for growth. This resonates with my previous discussions, like the one on bypassing the traditional route of learning IDE shortcuts. It's about challenging norms and being open to new ways of thinking and doing.

Why Coachability is Crucial:

In the tech world, where evolution is rapid and relentless, being coachable is an invaluable trait. It's about more than just being receptive to feedback; it's about a hunger for learning and a readiness to adapt. This mindset is essential for anyone looking to thrive in an environment that's constantly evolving.

A Personal Journey with Coachability:

Reflecting on my journey, including experiences like the transformative DevoxxUK conference, I see a pattern of continuous learning and adaptability. Being coachable has meant being ready to question my assumptions, learn from every situation, and apply those learnings to be better. It's a journey of self-disruption, where you preemptively adapt and grow before external circumstances force you to.

Anticipating 'Becoming Coachable':

I'm particularly excited about diving into "Becoming Coachable." I expect the book to offer valuable insights into leveraging executive coaching for personal and professional development. I'm keen to see how these insights can be applied in the tech industry, where the pace of change and the need for continuous learning are ever-present.

Coachability in Practice:

Being coachable goes beyond just professional development. It's a holistic approach that impacts how we interact with others, approach problems, and view our own potential. It's about fostering a growth mindset, where challenges are opportunities, and feedback is a gift. This approach has been pivotal in my own development, both as a developer and as a writer.

Expanding the Coachability Mindset:

In the tech community, where we often focus on hard skills, embracing coachability can be a game-changer. It's about soft skills like empathy, self-awareness, and resilience. These skills enable us to navigate the complexities of our work and relationships more effectively, leading to more meaningful and impactful careers.


In wrapping up, I want to emphasize the transformative power of being coachable. It's a journey of continuous self-disruption and growth. As I embark on reading "Becoming Coachable," I invite you all to join me in reflecting on how we can incorporate this mindset into our lives. Let's challenge ourselves, stay curious, and embrace the journey of lifelong learning and growth.

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