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Nikita Koselev
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Contributing to Open Source: Why? How?

In the last few weeks, I have been approached by numerous contributors-to-be, asking how they could get their first job or how they could start doing #OpenSource.
In this video, I explain how to start doing Open Source. You will learn the reasons for doing Open Source and how being a part of the #OpenSourceCommunity can benefit you.
Please stay tuned for my channels, and please do ask questions. I will post more articles and videos answering your questions.

Link to the video:

@brjavaman, Benjamin Muskalla, Sal Kimmich, Yugo Sakamoto, Tito Sánchez - thank you for the inspiration

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this is a subject that i really needed

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Nikita Koselev

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Please do ask questions if anything is unclear.

My future articles will be based on answering questions and helping people to get into Open Source and progress faster.

Together we can.