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re: In regards to Angular, you wrote, "Supports two-way data binding which greatly minimizes the risk of errors." Two way data binding can actually c...

Maybe i didn't pen my thoughts concerning 2-way data-binding more clearly. What i meant was that 2-way data binding offers an incredibly high degree of assurance that the model and the controller are in sync, because during every cycle, they are checked against each other. 2-way data binding is still practical in small applications where absolute consistency between the view and model is critical. However this has an obvious downside that it is much more complex and quite slow compared to one way data binding. One-way Data Binding is expectedly much faster, much simpler and easier to comprehend but also has less assurance that the view and model are the same. Things might not change in the model and wrong data may continue to exist. But Speed, performance and simplicity are the dominant factors which is why all modern frameworks that came after angular like React and Vue dumped 2WDB for this very reason. But for some applications 2wDB is still practical that's why it wasn't completely deprecated in angular 2.

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