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How to Store Images on GitHub ?

In this quick walk-through you'll learn how to create a separate branch in your repo to store your screenshots and demo gifs for use in your master's readme.

1. Clone a fresh copy of your repo

In order to prevent any loss of work it is best to clone the repo in a separate location to complete this task.

2. Create a new branch

Create a new branch in your repo by using git checkout --orphan assets

This will create and switch you to a new branch called "assets". The --orphan flag creates a new branch but without any prior commits. However it does still keep the working tree and index.

3. Remove files from the working tree

git rm -rf .

THIS WILL DELETE ALL FILES THAT THE WORKING TREE RECOGNIZES Any files that were not added to the tree will remain left behind in the folder.

We remove all files from the working tree since we do not want anything but our screenshots and images in this branch.

You can also check what branch you are on anytime by using git branch. The branch with the * next to it is the current branch.

4. Add your images and screenshots and commit the change

git add screenshot.png demo.gif logo.png

git commit -m "Added Assets"

4. Finally push your changes

git push origin assets

Use the images in your README

You can now use
![Demo Animation](../assets/demo.gif?raw=true)
in your README to have the gif display on your master's readme.

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