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8 Amazing Library For Your Next Project

nikhil27b profile image Nikhil Bobade ・1 min read


How are you all Today I have written this post about the 8 amazing Library every developer know there are many new & easy use Libraries. I hope you like this also comments about your thoughts. also For more content follow me on Instagram @developer_nikhil27.

1.three.js for animation


Alt Text

2.Awesome Notifications For Amazing Notification

Awesome Notifications

Alt Text

3.Scroll Reveal - Animation

Scroll Reveal

Alt Text

4.Vivus For SVG Animation


Alt Text

5.Anime Js - Animation

Anime JS

Alt Text

6.CSS Camera - For Fun

CSS Camera

Alt Text

7.AOS - Animate On Scroll Library


Alt Text

8.Chart.js - JavaScript charting

Chart Js

Alt Text

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Thank you!

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raghav9official profile image
Raghav Yadav

Hi everyone....,
I have a GitHub respiratory

I need Devs to look upto the project
Maybe I need some help
And I want to ask you for that
If yes,
You can commit changes in thereand help me a lot...( I would give you credits and all )
If no,
Please time me an id of another dev I can look upto :)

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