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Discussion on: "Crap, I broke production" - How do we ensure it never happens again?

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Nijeesh Joshy • Edited on

I did something similar once, i pushed the code without removing binding.pry ( its like debugger for Ruby ). and i found about after deploying to staging ( good thing that we didn't pushed to production directly).

Learned about git precommit hooks that day. and i haven't done that mistake since. and have been telling juniors about it.

i think its important that we make mistakes, so other's doesn't have to make the same mistake.

"The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing."

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I am not a Ruby Dev but it sounds like that file should be git ignored

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Nijeesh Joshy

It's not a file, but it's just a single line of debugger statement used for setting breakpoint for your code execution.