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# The Great Merge Hexagram 44

A precautionary tale that many of you may experience(d).

  • A project manager with more money than sense and no technical expertise.
  • A distributed development team with little in common in terms of language and communication.
  • Teams trapped in DSL, obsessed with micro goals and oblivious to the wider picture.

You have been invited in to help move the project forward and introduced to the type of code so common to this dysfunctional environment. Countless feature branches with nothing merged.

Working with the teams, pruning branches merging and setting clear well defined goals. Trying to communicate between the developers and the project manager.

I had a bad feeling, so I asked the oracle and received 44.

This was good advice. I had become infected by the chaos, I was to controlling, trying to channel the whirlwind of commits. I stopped, stood back, put myself in the place of the devs, "What good is strength if no one cares?", "After breathing in, one pauses for a moment.", "Amidst the hustle and bustle sensitivity emerges."
I focused on sensitivity and the devs started to respond, a shared sense of ownership began to emerge, spontaneous merge policies and the code begins to build correctly.

I am left to consider this most important question "You may be driving the chariot, But who or what drives you?"

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