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run dart-frog in intellij

As a dartlang enthusiast I am sharing a setup to run the dartfrog development server in Intellij.

There is a dart-frog VSCode extension sadly while Intellij has a good dart plugin I struggled to create runtime configs, I did not want to have to run the dartfrog cli in a separate terminal. Using the Intellij default ant plugin I was able to easily set up a dev mode run config looks like this

<project name="secure-context" default="run_dev" basedir=".">
    <target name="run_dev">
        <exec executable="dart_frog">
        <arg value="dev" />
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  1. copy this into a file called build.xml in project root dir
  2. with the ant plugin Intellij will prompt you to add it as a runtime build
  3. double click on the task run_dev and the dart frog dev server will boot.

build setup

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