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Best Newsletters for Web Developers in 2020

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Here is a list of the best newsletters for web developers in 2020.

By best I mean my favorite.

Of the many great newsletters available for web developers, these are the 10 that I find give me a well-rounded perspective on current trends and must-know developments in our field with minimal redundancy and maximal entertainment value.

Note: This post is an update from my Best Newsletters for Web Developers in 2019. The changes? I removed Pony Foo as they took a month-long hiatus in November. While it is still one of the best newsletters out there, I’m reluctant to recommend it if its delivery won’t be consistent in 2020. I also removed Python Weekly, not because it isn’t a great newsletter, but to make room for newsletters that are either more specific to web development or more general to computer science.

Best Newsletters for Web Developers in 2020

Hacker Newsletter

If you subscribe to only one newsletter, this is it. It’s all here.

📨 Hacker Newsletter


TL;DR is a daily dose of tech news curated for web developers. There are of course links to the big stories but also interesting GitHub repos and projects.


JavaScript Weekly

In addition to updates on the rapidly evolving JavaScript ecosystem, this newsletter is loaded with tutorials for every skill level as well as links to new and interesting projects. And if you want to really nerd out, you can sign up for its sister publications, Node Weekly and React Status, but note that the most important stories bubble up to JavaScript Weekly.

📨 JavaScript Weekly

Mozilla Developer Newsletter

Mozilla is killing it lately. The latest Firefox is a big win for both consumers and developers with emphasis on privacy and the new CSS developer tools, respectively. Their newsletter also gets better with each iteration, too.

📨 Mozilla Developer Newsletter

Daily Developer Tips

If you came of age in the era of jQuery or are just beginning to learn JavaScript, this is an excellent newsletter for leveling up on “vanilla JS” with practical, real-world scenarios. The author, Chris Ferdinandi, also addresses ethical questions that we as developers need to consider. FYI: This newsletter is primarily promotional.

📨 Daily Developer Tips


Pointer tends to address concerns related to management, both inter- and intra- personal. There is something perspective-changing in every issue, no matter where you are in your career trajectory as a web developer.

📨 Pointer

History of the Web

There is no urgency in reading this newsletter as it is all old news, but it is definitely in the need-to-know category. Each issue is a deep-dive into a ‘forgotten’ history of the web. The issues are always fascinating and always informative.

📨 History of the Web

Programming Digest

This understated missive is excellent in its lean curation of high-level, language-agnostic articles on its stated topic. I look forward to its arrival every Sunday morning.

📨 Programming Digest

Morning Cup of Coding

Morning Cup of Coding is a very well-curated, terse list of articles. Most of the topics are not specific to web development. What separates it from the other newsletters on this list is an emphasis on quality writing. Each edition highlights three or four articles on computer science topics that are _human-_readable. If you’re in the States, you’ll receive this in the afternoon. Timezones bedevil newsletter curators, too!

📨 Morning Cup of Coding

Weekend Reads

Last but not least, the newsletter that equips me with memes for Monday. It’s a humorous mix of tweets, videos and GIFs (mostly) related to web development. Educational and entertaining!

📨 Weekend Reads

One to Watch

The Overflow

Stack Overflow launched a newsletter this year as part of their effort to become a friendlier corner of the web. The content is all good, but because it's bi-weekly, there's overlap with some of the weekly's listed above.

📨 The Overflow

📰 Best Newsletters for Web Developers?

What are your best newsletters? Let me know on Twitter @jarednielsen

Producing and publishing a professional newsletter is a time-consuming process requiring careful consideration of both content and layout. If you become a subscriber to any of the above, say thanks by checking out their sponsor offerings or consider making a contribution.

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tommygeorge profile image
tommy george

Love this! Thanks for the roundup!

My favorite, that I didn't see here is another CooperPress pub, called Frontend Focus:

In the same vein as Javascript Weekly, etc., but covers a wider range of front-end web dev tech.

sebastienlorber profile image
Sebastien Lorber

For React devs in 2022, there is also This Week In React

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joerter profile image
John Oerter

Good stuff, thanks! I subscribe to a bunch of newsletters and it's the main way I keep up with dev news. Another fantastic one is the CSS Tricks newsletter.

colinrhys profile image
Colin Rhys

Great post! Excited about those you suggested I was previously did not know about.

jh3y profile image
Jhey Tompkins

Thanks for sharing! Definitely some I haven't heard of here 😎

leolanese profile image
Leo Lanese

Thanks for sharing. This is cool :)