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Status Update: 2019-10-24

Another update on v4 and what we have been up to since our last blog post, brought to you by the Phalcon Team :)


Work is continuing on the project. We have been testing and working on the next iteration after v4.0.0.RC1, fixing bugs, aligning interfaces etc. A huge thank you to all the members that have reported issues with RC1. As you can see in our CHANGELOG we have a good number of additions/removals/changes as well as fixes already in there.

A new version will be coming up this weekend :)


We have been working hard to revise all of our documents. We mentioned this before that this is our bottleneck at the moment since we must have the documentation as thorough as possible before releasing the new version. We are nearing the end since we have only 16 documents left to review and proof read. There are some existing documents that need to have some minor revisions and clarifications but for the most part we are getting very close to having a complete and thorough documentation for v4.

Everyone is welcome to review our documentation and offer suggestions, ask questions, point out inconsistencies and omissions etc.

Our documents for v4 are live here:

The status of the documentation project can be seen here. If you wish to issue a pull request with corrections, please visit our docs repository and issue your pull request for the English language only (en directory).

Social Media

We have a presence on almost all popular social media platforms. Do you like Bitchute more than YouTube? No problem, we got you covered!

Our social media accounts are:

- Discord - Chat:


- OpenCollective - Support Us:

Store - Merchandise:

- Facebook:


Feel free to subscribe to any or all of the above channels so that you can get notified whenever we post new content regarding Phalcon!

Thank you

As always, huge thanks to all of our contributors and supporters for making Phalcon better every day!

<3 Phalcon Team

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