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Status Update: 2019-09-15

Another update regarding Phalcon and v4, brought to you by the Phalcon Team :)

We are pushing hard to get v4 out as stable. Huge thank you to the community that have identified bugs with v4.beta.2. Most of those issues have been already resolved.


We now have a channel on Bitchute. Feel free to go to our channel ( and subscribe, if that is where you wish to follow us. We have set the channel to synchronize with YouTube so you can enjoy our content there too. Please note that our community hangouts (for now) will only occur in YouTube, since Bitchute does not offer this functionality yet.


This week coming we are going to release a Release Candidate version, so stay tuned!

Sample Apps

Vokuro, is nearly complete. We have ported the application fully to v4 but also enhanced it by adding migrations. sample environments (docker, nanobox), Travis CI and more. There are some minor things to address but we are done. Thanks goes to @Jeckerson for the effort.

Work has already started on migrating the phalcon-api to v4, our REST sample implementation.


We are continuing to review and revise all of our documents. The status of this effort can be seen here. As you can see we have around 30 documents to review and revise.

We mentioned this before in blog posts as well as our community hangouts, some documents had to be completely rewritten because they have been missing functionality, clarifications or were simply wrong. Some documents had not been revised since version 2.

Well, we are addressing this right now and admittedly it is the only thing that is slowing us down from releasing v4 stable. However we do need to get all the documents up to speed so as to ensure that all developers have the most accurate information possible regarding Phalcon.

If you are interested in helping with this effort, reply to the issue above with the document you are going to work on and then issue a pull request to our docs repository for the English language (en folder).

If you have found any typos from the documents already revised, again feel free to issue a pull request with your corrections.

<3 Phalcon Team

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