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Any suggestions for the project idea?

nicoleyyr profile image Nicole Yang twitter logo github logo ・1 min read

Hi, I started doing front end work two years ago. I have used Vue for about one year now, and also have learned a little bit about React. Now I'm about to be unemployed (Geez...😬), but that also means I will have more free time to improve my skills.
I want to make a portfolio site, but I need to have some projects of my own first. I would love to improve React more. Any suggestion about what kind of project can I try?

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Since this will be NodeJS and react I feel like there are a FEW decent options (some of which I hope will also get you to learn other languages at the same time, Jack of all trades are more important than James of Node, Kevin of Python, or Jeramy of C in the software world).

  • A basic code editor or IDE

    • Goals:
    • Input and output files
    • Write & Save files
    • Extras:
    • Syntax highlighting
    • Markdown Translations
    • Terminal emulation built in
  • Markdown reader

    • Goals:
    • Translate Markdown
    • Write Markdown
    • Extras:
    • Instant changes for edits
    • Syntax highlighting
  • Chat application app

    • Goals:
    • Chat between two different hosts (local or not)
    • Extras:
    • Styles
    • Permanent text
  • Basic game

    • Goals:
    • Movement
    • Objectives
    • Extras:
    • Fancy graphics
    • Animated sprites

Four random, larger-scale ideas to play around with!!


Thanks. I don't know Markdown well, to be honest. It's time for me to learn it!


I always learn the most when I commit to building something real for somebody.

When you deprive yourself of the options to back out. Now there is someone else that is relying on you, so you better complete your job.

It helps me to not take the easy path when struggles occur. A lot of times we are tempted to switch the architecture or the scope of your project so that it matches our skill set, and we don't have to push our boundaries.

If you have fixed goal and another person involved, you have to stick to whatever it is, you have to get out of your comfort zone and you have to improve yourself.

It also helps with seeing the usefulness / purpose of the project. You know why you do it and that it will be used at the end. That gives extra motivation.


I always learn more when I really need to finish a project. (mostly from work lol) Stress makes us grow more. But in the end, I'm always very happy that I finished it. :)


Hello there!!!
I'm not a professional web developer so I just want to suggest I think it could be helpful for you.
If you want to improve your skill more along with some projects works then I will suggest you that try to make a some clone of website by your own like you can Google world best sexiest website award list. In this way you will get more awesome looking website and to make a website like that also need good grip on the web concept so during making a clone you will get some extra knowledge which you do not yet. And also it will increase the experience. This one is for your free time so that you can just play and get more interest in code.
Now let's discuss about the some live and real projects for that I will suggest you to contribute your part in some opensource products via platforms like Github, Bitbucket, Codepen etc. And during this it will also make a possibility that if you down great job you might get a call for interview.
Now let's talk about the some earning portion how you can make some money with it during opensource you can add option for like buy me a coffee so if anyone get impressed with your then in this way they can give you some money through this which will be results for your hard and impressive work. Also I will suggest you to start writing blogs about something which you experience during learning new things and add some donation in this way you will able to help others and also others will help you too and writing a article is just like teaching so it will force you write a complex portion in easy words which implies that good grip on the every single concept.
And in the end of my suggestion you can also start freelancing it will helps you to make money through you knowledge so in starting it will be possible people will hesitate to hire you because everyone wants to spend money where they will get optimal and best results but don't worry just be as active member some day people will start contacting you too. To start freelancing you can visit freelance or Fiverr like websites. And in the end the last but not least suggestion is that do some browsing stuff and start visit blogging website if you get website for which you thik you can improve website's UI and UX better than current look then just mail like a professional that you can do this this and this with your cheap as much as you can so that you can get profit + they get attracted to hire you.
So that's all from my side hope it'll help you.
Stay safe and healthy
Good luck.


Thank you so much for the advice. I always want to start writing blogs, but I never really start it. I should do some changes. lol


The best way to write a blog is to explain what you know i.e. recently you read an article on web design like float property of CSS then after finishing that article just note down your conclusion on a notebook or notepad where you want. And get some more information like basics of properties in case a noob start reading your article do not feel so hard to understand. So in the last just write down on your fav platform like or on Medium. It does not necessary to start writing a blog you have to be your own website.

Hope You enjoyed it...

Stay Safe and Healthy


I'm making a staticaly typed visual pure functional programming language in purescript (this will be the core of a project called lunarbox which is meant to teach beginners functional programming). You can try something similar too!


You can check my recent post. It has something called "project based learning" in the list. And there you can find huge number of projects(fronted, react specifically and many other language specific projects) that you can build right away.


You can try to convert the projects you built in VueJS to ReactJS.

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